How to test/use EXR - Dynamic Range mode (Highly recommended)

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How to test/use EXR - Dynamic Range mode (Highly recommended)

For those who don't realise Fuji cameras with EXR sensors potentially have a very good ability to reduce over-exposure and blown highlights by using the Dynamic Range mode.

This mode will not do anything if you don't expose to the right of the histogram, and actually have some part of the scene over-exposed. The average sunlit scene does not need anything special to get some parts over-exposed!

To test this out for yourself:

1) Choose a scene which has bright highlights with some visible detail. Use a tripod if possible.

An overcast sky is not really suitable, but a cloudy one with plenty of blue sky and grey to white clouds visible could be, as part of the scene. If you shoot flowers or foliage, make sure you have sunlight on the subject. Don't directly shoot an artificial light source because it does not have the sort of detail you want to see, or that will be useful to evaluate EXR - DR mode.

2) Take a normal exposure. Set the camera to RAW+JPG.

3) Increase exposure by 0.5 EV and then 1.0 EV to see what results afterwards as EXR - DR kicks in.

4) Now set the camera to EXR - DR mode and repeat the three exposures of the same scene, at normal, +0.5 EV and +1.0 EV.

Download to computer or view in your camera's LCD.

In dpreview's test of the F80 EXR they remarked that they chose to always shoot in EXR - DR mode because of the benefits.

In a subsequent post I will explain (for those who don't know) how to easily check the outcome, by using Silkypix or similar image processing/editing software.

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