Some advice about NEX 5N

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Some advice about NEX 5N


it's time for me to buy a new camera beside my Lumix FZ28 superzoom. That's because of its size, so my FZ can't follow me in those situation where i can't (and don't want) to carry out a bag, such as parties, weddings etc.

So size is very important for this choice, as low light capabilities, where my bridge suffers quite a bit.

I was thinking at the NEX 5N and the Olympus XZ-1, both great cameras with good low light capabilities; obviously there's a big difference in the sensor size, not to mention.

I was afraid for the NEX for its small package body+16mm about its portability and IQ, there are a lot of contrasting opinions about that lens (already seen the image posted), and the lack of an image stabilization for handheld night shots.

5N pros:

  • bigger sensor

  • noise free up to 1600 and still usable much above

  • interchangable lens options (though this could be a con)

  • tilt screen

  • much better dynamic range

XZ-1 pros:

  • actually pocketable and lightweighted

  • in-built popup flash

  • brighter lens (max aperture 1.8) and much capable zoom

  • price (a half cheaper)

  • in body image stabilization

Side by side pictures comparison shows (to my eyes of beginner) that the XZ-1 is sharper, but the NEX 5N is capable of capturing much detail.

What would you reccommend?

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