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"Equal opportunity" troll?

mforbes wrote:

Well at least I'm an equal opportunity troll, if I buy a camera or lens and it has issues, I will let you know, and you can put that "User Error" rubber stamp back in your pocket, doesn't apply in my case, dude.

Yes, but a troll nevertheless. I have no issue with people who present data, sample images, and ask for help. Sometimes it's user error, other times it's a legitimate issue with the camera. Either way, they come here for help and usually get it... maybe a snide remark or so, but welcome to the Internet. Far as your participation goes, you see fit to jump into any thread you can which remotely has anything to do with the 7D and use it as an opportunity to trash the camera. Sorry you had a bad experience, but based on many of your other threads... I'm afraid that "user error" absolutely can't be ruled out in spite of your high confidence in your own abilities. But it is clear that you seem to enjoy raining on other people's parades.

As Zee pointed out, the original photo the OP posted was perfectly focused. You look at one other image and assume that the OP has serious issues with his camera. I saw no unusual noise in that image and the focus "issue" could be due to any number of reasons. If you'd like I can post an OOF image or two (that are my own fault) if you need more "ammunition" to feed your lame argument.

Real shame that the rest of us 7D users have no idea what we're doing since we're obviously overlooking all the flaws (focus, noise, etc. etc.) that you seem to feel are endemic to the camera.

Yup, I'm sure you'll disagree, but you meet most anyone's definition of a troll. But they come and go here, so hopefully you'll eventually find something else to rail on and bother some other hapless forums. In the meantime, thanks for providing a little entertainment.

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