Do some people not realize the X10 is a point and shoot ??

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Thats just it, its such deep DoF can't judge much really

Thats just is though, you can clearly read the shop signs and also the shoppers clothing details are sharp etc. That means we've got enough DoF to go from where they are walking to the shops across the mall, so how do you know how well the camera was focusing ?

While Im sure its decent for what it is I highly doubt it would work for fast action or sports.

I've taken a Panasonic Gh2 with me to a few football games I was covering just to try it out, and its rather good for CDAF, but failed miserably for shooting action, just couldn't remotely keep up.

Sports photography has been my main source of income as well so its not really my inability to predict or follow the action either, camera just isn't up to it, nor is it meant to be.

I would be curious about the Nikon 1 though, with its PDAF system, that actually might really deliver, though of course you'd have issues with noise, not enough subject isolation, lack of long glass etc, but AF wise, it may be able to do the job

noobdprseller wrote:


F2.2 all of them. Also check the ficus integrity, accuracy of clothing colours on all the shoppers, skin tones, shop signs, wb.

Obv in a mall theres is nothing fast. As i wrote a few time i was testing it at CameraWorld.
With practice im sure X10 would do well at fast moving, sports.

X10 aint no Canon 1dmk4, for a compact it does very well.

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