Niikon 300mm f 2.8 lens on the NEX amazing IQ

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Re: Niikon 300mm f 2.8 lens on the NEX amazing IQ

pwmoree wrote:

Borrowed this huge lens from a friend.
I include the original and cropped shot samples

I am amazed the image quality is so much better than with the 18-200 Sony
What a toy!

Well I agree calling the Sony 18-200mm a toy isnt fair. The Nikon 300mm x1.5=450mm effectively is a BIG, HEAVY, and VERY Expensive professional lens designed primarily for professional sports/wildlife photo shoots at a minimum needs a fairly heavy mono pod or tripod to be used most effectively. The Nikon is by no stretch of the imagination what the average photo hobbyist would consider as a walk about lens on a summer European vacation trip. The Sony 18-200mm is very nice (all be it ) overprice daily one lens solution for the average amateur for family and vacation photo shooting. Their both good tools for different uses .

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