Do some people not realize the X10 is a point and shoot ??

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Those look very inconclusive to me, plus AF + Panning ??

If your panning with a subject moving across the image plane, and the subject is moving in a straight line right ahead, theres no change in subject to camera distance that would really require any AF.

As a sports photographer I cover some motorsports events and often will do a slow shutter pan as the cars or bikes go around the track and I don't ever need to focus for that. I focus once to get the given distance needed and then don't touch the AF button again.

Likewise, with the people walking towards you, the change in subject distance per time is pretty slow, and given the rather deep DoF of the camera, you could very well lock focus, and since the subject is moving pretty slow, and the DoF is deep, you could easily get 7-10 frames off before the subject would be out of the DoF.

I'd try shooting something like cars on a residential street moving at a slower speed, people on bikes, runners etc coming towards you, zoomed to 112mm and with the faster subject to camera changing rate, and shallower DoF, see how well it can work in that type of true test of AF tracking ability.

noobdprseller wrote:

Here is the link again. Only approx 1min.
I was panning & X10 was tracking.

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