Time for new computer I5 vs I7

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David Henneman Regular Member • Posts: 167
Time for new computer I5 vs I7

Its time to upgrade to cs5 from cs3. I'm told my old intel core 2 6400 2.13 ghz with 2gb RAM won't handle run CS5 adequately.


What difference would it make if I went with a windows machine with Intel I5 with 8gb ram vs an I7 with the same ram?

I know image handling speed would be better with the I7. How about download speed from the CF card?

Also concerned for future applications. Is the I7 really overkill for photoshop work?

Will I be disappointed with a max of 8gb ram as is the capacity for the I5 units?

I may upgrade from the Canon 50d (15 megapixel) dslr to a 5d Mk2 or a Nikon d700 (both full frame) next spring.

Thanks a million for your responses. I imagine this topic has probably been beat to death on these forums but finding it is like a needle in a haystack.

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