Do some people not realize the X10 is a point and shoot ??

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There you go with reality again!! :-D


Only with the smaller file sizes does the camera do 10 fps, its otherwise limited to 7fps at fuller size files, same speed as the NEX5 (I think the new NEX7 will do 10 fps at full size files, just fyi)

That is too bad I started to get really interested ... dang that wet blanket

I'm also not sure if the focus tracking is at the high frame rate or if, again like the NEX I used to have, if it locks the exposure and focus on the first frame and just fires the burst.

It will be interesting to see... if it does focus track I wonder how it decides the subject after the first frame...

I've had a couple of Panasonic FZ series superzooms that could also shoot 10fps, or in the case of the FZ100 I think it was actually 11 or 12 fps, however, it only could try to AF (and often fail) at 5 fps max

I would rather be able to fire away myself at a really fast rate than be at the mercy of a burst. With the X10 it looks like you get 10 small files every 2.5 seconds or so ... hmmm with 1.5 of those seconds locked for a write ... hmmm there goes that wet blanket again

Thank you for reality

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