Do some people not realize the X10 is a point and shoot ??

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Re: 10 fps is only at smaller files sizes

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I'm also not sure if the focus tracking is at the high frame rate or if, again like the NEX I used to have, if it locks the exposure and focus on the first frame and just fires the burst.

I suspect that it doesn't do focus tracking at the high frame rates, since DPR's mini-review (Impressions) of Nikon's V1 made it sound like its ability to do focus tracking at 10 fps was a breakthrough that relied on the use of a mechanical shutter :

Nikon makes great claims for the V1's AF and continuous capture modes. Both it and the J1 offer a maximum frame rate of 60fps in electronic shutter mode (the J1 only offers electronic shutter, since it lacks a mechanical one), and up to 10fps with focus tracking engaged. The V1 is a better tool for fast action photography though (especially panning shots) since its mechanical shutter avoids the characteristic ‘leaning tower’-type distortion caused by the well-known rolling shutter effect.

After using the V1's continuous AF tracking mode, I'm confident that Nikon's claims for the new system aren't hyperbole. In AF-S mode, the V1 uses a conventional contrast-detection AF system. Switch to continuous AF though, and the V1 moves up a gear. In this mode, assuming that the light level is high enough, the V1 switches to a 73-point focal-plane phase-detection AF system, which offers noticeably faster AF responsiveness and - from what I've seen so far - truly impressive continuous AF tracking performance.

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