X10 vs F200EXR Resolution & Colour Balance Compared

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Re: danny_only

danny_only wrote:

NEX was not available when I bought my E-P1.

Right, that is what I assumed. Many people bought m4/3 for use with legacy lenses. The principal advantage of NEX for manual focusing is the "peaking" feature in new models, which highlights the most in-focus areas.

I am waiting for the debut of Pentax Mirrorless cameras with APS-C size sensor.

Ha, did not know about the Pentax.

I'll ask my friend if he has Custom Menu set to (release) RLS PRIORITY S instead of C.

Sorry don't know what it is? for I have never finished reading the E-P1 manual.

Presumably S stands for shutter (shutter priority) while C means focus priority, although I have no idea what C stands for.

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