Do some people not realize the X10 is a point and shoot ??

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Re: 10fps focus tracking accuracy Re: beteen evolution & revolution


Can you you shoot and focus 10 times in ten seconds?

Yes X10 shoots & focuses 10 times a second.

I meant is it able to, without a burst, take 10 shots in ten seconds and focus and write? If so that is awesome!!

Class 4 sdhc transcend 1.5-2sec writing it was ready to shoot another 10fps.

Very fast ...sweet

I took this whilst testing X10 outside CameraWorld in a shopping mall, difficult lighting : exposure accurate, clothing colours, skin tones, wb, shop signs all accurate.
With practice i know i could have taken faster moving action.
X10 10fps continuous autofocus, af tracking is excellent.

That sounds nice also. You may not know it yet but I am a fan of Fujifilm. I am not an X10 basher. I am sure it will be a wonderful camera.

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