New Zealand's beech forest

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Re: New Zealand's beech forest

Hi there, so far away...

I've so often heard that your country is beautiful with an especially impressive nature. You're pictures are proof to that claim.
You have gathered wonderful colors in your photos. My favorites are Nr.3 & 4.

In the others I think you could have done here and there a little bit better IMHO.

Nr. 1, 2 and 6: IMHO you frame the scenes too narrow.

In nr.1 an interesting plant in the foreground is ramdomly cut through, in nr. 2 the mirror effect of the water would be most interesting (more than the pale treetops in the background). In nr. 6 I would have liked a framing more toward the foreground and a little bit to the left.

In nr. 5 the moose (or what it could be) is absolutely wonderful. But the part right of it takes too much attention and is therefore disturbing. You could help that with a bit locally applied PP. Then here too I would frame a bit more to the left. The moose (or whatevver...) doesn't have to be exactly centered. A bit more OOF landscape left of it could be more attractive aund give some kind of tension to the scenery.

Well, just my thoughts. There could be a hundered reasons why you didn't want the scenes as I describe them or why it could not have done another way.

One is for sure, I liked to watch these pictures.


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