Do some people not realize the X10 is a point and shoot ??

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Re: Do some people not realize the X10 far exceeds the capability they need?

A better question to ask is "Do some people not realize the X10 far exceeds the capability they need?"

People have lost perspective of how far we've come with digital photography.

About 10 years ago the question started being asked what resolution we needed to exceed film. Film had been adequate for years before. The consensus was that at about 6Mp, digital equaled resolution of standard film and 20Mp exceeded the best films with the best lenses. More importantly, 6Mp far exceeded the capability of much of the equipment used by conventional photographers. You needed expensive prime lenses stopped down, and pictures printed at huge sizes, to show any difference.

Since then the capability of digital has gone even further...especially in low light. Digital is now far, far superior to any silver halide film we ever had in low light...many times superior.

All this capability isn't necessarily wasted, or unnecessary. It opened a world of photography to us. It also yields more "headroom." Headroom being the cushion we have to extract a picture out of a bad situation or from a photographer's mistake. We can extract pictures from lower light situations that we never could have before. We can pull out enough detail from a picture that wasn't cropped.

Another technology that has made a HUGE difference in the ease of photography is image stabilization. People are not nearly as steady as they think and, in my experience, 90% of soft photographs are related to camera shake, vs. improper focus. When used properly (not pushed to crazy limits) IS can make a bigger improvement in most people's handheld photography, than two or three times the megapixels.

Back to the X10. Is it the highest resolving camera? No. Can it take pictures in lower light than any other camera? No. But, is it more than adequate for 99.99% of the photography most people will do. H_ll YES!

Finally, keep in mind is the best camera for a picture is the one you have with you. For me, at least, I'm much more likely to have a camera with me the size of the X10, than the size of a semi-pro SLR with fast glass.

So, "Does the X10 far exceed the capability most photographers need, most of the time?" Yes.

That is the question one needs to ask oneself when buying a camera.

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