Do some people not realize the X10 is a point and shoot ??

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Maybe some truth there.

I guess to some things up, we all have different needs and requirements when it comes to photography, the X10 so far in the short time i have had it is proving good.

trouble is the weather has been crap, so i have not tested the way i would like to, but confident its there IQ ect.

I have had the G12 and P7100 both excellent cameras, why i did i get rid of those i hear you ask, well i fell in love with the X10, having had loads of Fuji cameras over the years felt it would be a winner.

I liked the G12, and if i could afford to keep it i would have, i actually miss it, but i have the X10 now which the Nikon/canon funded, so i am happy thus far. I guess im like Ben and some others that own several systems. I cannot say the IQ of the Fuji is as good as the G12 its a close run thing, but if i did not have the X10 i certainly would have the G12.

I have not said a lot about the Nikon P7100, although an excellent camera, a step up from its predecessor, i much preferred the canon, thats my personal preference.

I never get to carried away with new cameras, as they have a nasty way in biting you on the Bum, time will tell, but for me i guess im happy with the fuji X10 its not the most jaw dropping camera out there, but it serves a purpose. I dont use the OVF as i wear glasses and prefer to use the LCD nowadays, which gives me a better hit rate and can see whats in focus.

So what i say what ever you have be happy have fun, because thats what its all about and if you dont like the camera get something else, one has to be happy with ones purchase. catch you later regards Alan.

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