Do some people not realize the X10 is a point and shoot ??

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I apolgize if my math was bad, but the results will hold true

Okay, so my "about 10%" comment was a bit off, but regardless we are still talking about what is a pretty small difference, measuring, again, about 1mm each way.

1mm, or be it 1.08mm, or .98mm etc all are tiny when put into perspective of m4/3, APS-C etc.

m4/3 for example is about 3.4x times the area of 2/3 sensor if I'm not mistaken.

34% increase in surface area over 1/1.7 sensor by comparison is pretty trivial.

Don't get me wrong, I'll take! I'll take a 1mm larger over 1mm smaller sensor any day, but original point being, its not going to really change things.

Its not a big enough difference to give a dramatic increase in DoF, nor is it going to allow it vastly better high ISO etc.

Thats the point I was trying to make.

I see comments from people complaining its too noisy at ISO800, and its like, hello, its a tiny little sensor still.

It would be nice if its "oversized" sensor really did do wonders, and break the laws of physics, but thats not going to happen (at least in this dimension)

Its not going to give shallow DOF except at very close subject to camera macro distance or at full zoom, and even then, its still pretty mild.

But again, its better than nothing, and if you want that type of look, its the wrong camera. Get a big sensor, throw a fast 50 on it and your in business.

But great photos really aren't made jsut based on shallow DoF alone, despite what many interet forums where wide open fast glass shots get oooh and ahhs because people are more interested in focus transitions and render style than subject matter (not there theres anything wrong with that)

Humboldt Jim wrote:

Point being that those who can't or won't do basic photographic arithmetic should not be throwing around bad numbers.

I suspect there are a few 8 to 12 year olds (or so it seems)on this forum who don't know squat about basic photographic principles. I am not among them. I leaned on a Rolliflex and have used an SLR for years. Let's not waste our time on those who think that because it resembles a leica that it will produce the same results.

I'm with you on the "It is what it is" concept. For me, the X10 appears to mach my needs very well. If I were a pro it might be another story. Meanwhile, a fully controllable compact will do fine.


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