Do some people not realize the X10 is a point and shoot ??

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Re: Agreed, EVF has its uses, but I'll take optical any day

millsart wrote:

However, no matter how good an EVF is, I still fee like I'm looking at a tiny TV. Makes me feel removed from the scene.

With an OVF, especially a RF, or even a big bright external finder, I feel like I'm there, in the scene. I look through and past the OVF, as if its not really there and feel connected to whats happening.

Yes. That's exactly what I think too but didn't how to say. Thanks.

Sounds silly

Anything but.

Its a fun way of working sometimes.

Almost always except to check framing, focus, histogram etc., which I usually forget to notice on my X100's VFs anyway. Or for VF camera macros.

X10 sounds great because I don't need a bag of VF's for all the focal lengths (costing several hunred each)

Agree. My E-PL2 doesn't go our much these days. Even its one shoe-mount EVF and a couple of lenses mean more Lego play than I like, post-Fuji. With the lens hood, even my lens cap stays in my pocket while shooting.
X100, X10 soon, E-PL2, 35mm gear etc.

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