Do some people not realize the X10 is a point and shoot ??

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Do some people not realize that Leica clones start out as Pansonics?

solsang wrote:

Daniel Lauring wrote:

Isn't there a Leica that is based on the 10.1Mp LX5? Sure it's built more ruggedly, but just like the LX5 could be considered a poor man's Leica, so could the X10.

The LX5 is actually based upon the wishes of Leica, who commisioned Panasonic to make their small (and beautiful) D-lux 5, sharing the costs of development, while offering the same camera to two different user segments

That's a different take on what almost everyone else believes to be the case (as has been documented numerous times in various forums and other spots on the web):

1) That Panasonic sought Leica's help in designing and approving cetain lenses for use on certain P&S bodies, long before a Panasonic camera was rebadged as a Leica

2) That Leica buy a very small proportion of Panasonic's output of certain models and have it rebadged as a Leica (if it was the other way around Leica models would be released first)

3) That Leica might modify firmware and ergonomics to suit their "look".

If Panasonics were rebadged Leicas then they would be the dearer cameras.

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