Do some people not realize the X10 is a point and shoot ??

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Agreed, EVF has its uses, but I'll take optical any day

EVF's have gotten pretty good and the one on the X100, as well as the Oly VF2 and Panny GH2 is very useable, sometimes even better than optical in low light. Havne't even got to try the 2.3meg Sony OLED yet.

However, no matter how good an EVF is, I still fee like I'm looking at a tiny TV. Makes me feel removed from the scene.

With an OVF, especially a RF, or even a big bright external finder, I feel like I'm there, in the scene. I look through and past the OVF, as if its not really there and feel connected to whats happening.

Sounds silly maybe but I just find a big difference in looking at a display, or literally looking through some glass and "being there" so to speak.

I've actually used external Voigtlander finders on my LX5 before as well.

Set the camera to 35mm, put the VF on the hotshoe, focus it to 2 meters, f4, auto ISO, and just frame and shoot

Its a fun way of working sometimes.

X10 sounds great because I don't need a bag of VF's for all the focal lengths (costing several hunred each)

Would be nice if it had more info, I fully agree, but its still cool for what it is and if you use it in the right matter, a fun addition

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