Lower and lower expectations for ISO performance?

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Not at all, it's Sony marketing

I don't see that there is lower expectations from high ISO performance at all. The D7000 proved that.

What you are seeing is just marketing by Sony and that is that they have the highest Mp APS C camera on the market and many of the new to photography types, or those that say they never need high ISO, will fall for their marketing ploy. The tech heads that need to say that they have the highest Mp APS C camera available as bragging rights dismissing any shortcomings as "what they don't need".

Of course, this may just be a niche market segment that Sony thought needs filling, ie a very high Mp resolution camera for "untimate" resolution and the people who use this camera and say that they do not require high ISO.

But you only have to look at the Nikon D7000 and Pentax K-5 to see that the real photographic companies that are concerned not with not so much highest Mp's but over all IQ have put a lot of effort into getting super results from high ISO and they have achieved that. I mean, these two cameras leave previous APS C cameras for dead as far as high ISO is concerned as well as just about every other aspect of APS C cameras as well!

Why you would think that we are all accepting rubbish high ISO results now compared to before is beyond me as it is really only Sony, and to a lesser degree Canon, that have served up some high Mp cameras with questionable high ISO, whilst others, like Nikon and Pentax, have balanced this with not only reasonably high Mp cameras, but also excellent high ISO results.
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