Do some people not realize the X10 is a point and shoot ??

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Re: So sad...

Mark Ehlers wrote:

I'm just glad that someone is finally putting a useable OVF in a digital P&S.

adhemar wrote:

How funny. I was thinking the exact opposite. The X10 would be high on my wish list if it had a good EVF. I just don't want another crappy OVF with 80% coverage, parallax issues, no information on what my picture is going to look like and a first-rate view of the lens barrel.

Not funny, just different perspectives.

I've never met an EVF that I liked. I grew up with rangefinders, and most of those "problems" you mention.

As for the original question about the X10 being a DSLR replacement, I think most people with a brain realize that the picture quality is going to be mediocre (it's 2/3 sensor, isn't it). The promise of the X10 however is to offer a handling experience very similar to what you get with a DSLR. As such, it has the potential to make DSLR owners happy whenever they don't feel like carrying a big camera.

Maybe this is where much of the whining is coming from, with not having all that info in the VF. Many people have never even learned how to shoot a camera (and how it reacts to light) without having all the coaching that your typical DSLR's viewfinder gives you.

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