Do some people not realize the X10 is a point and shoot ??

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Re: I'm not glad...

Mark Ehlers wrote:

I'm just glad that someone is finally putting a useable OVF in a digital P&S.

How funny. I was thinking the exact opposite. The X10 would be high on my wish list if it had a good EVF. I just don't want another crappy OVF with 80% coverage, parallax issues, no information on what my picture is going to look like and a first-rate view of the lens barrel.

As for the original question about the X10 being a DSLR replacement, I think most people with a brain realize that the picture quality is going to be mediocre (it's 2/3 sensor, isn't it). The promise of the X10 however is to offer a handling experience very similar to what you get with a DSLR. As such, it has the potential to make DSLR owners happy whenever they don't feel like carrying a big camera.

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