Choosing RAW vs speed with FZ150

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Re: Choosing RAW vs speed with FZ150

windmillgolfer wrote:
... I tend to underexpose at -1/3 or -2/3EV so risk of blowout is reduced.

Always a very good idea with Lumix compacts/stuper-zooms ! This (also) increases the Shutter Speed that one can use (directly when using Aperture Priority mode).

Storage is cheap but, especially with the FZ100 at high frame rates, the disc usage soon creeps up and adding RAW just exacerbates the situation. 5fps or a lot of AutoBracket -so quick and easy with the FZ100 means weeding has had to be all the more severe/critical.

Once recorded, sort through the JPGs (on your computer monitor display-screen) to "weed-out" all of the "chaff", and only keep the few RAWs associated with the JPG "keepers". Takes a bit of time to do - but that is something that one (eventually) needs to do with the JPGs anyway ! ...

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