Do some people not realize the X10 is a point and shoot ??

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Point being ?? Going to blow away a XZ1 then ??

Jim, I'm not a mathematician, I'm a photographer for a living lol.

Fine, its slightly bigger than the slightly bigger I originally said, but so what ?

Is it a APS-C sensor ? No, is it even a m4/3 sized sensor ? No

Its still a pretty small overall sensor in the overall scheme of things and its going to perform far closer to the various other high end compacts than it is anything else.

What do you think its IQ more closely matches ? A NEX5n or a LX5 ??

A Panasonic G3 or a Canon G12 ??

I mean come on, this is exactly what I'm talking about.

It looks to be a fantastic camera for what is it, but it is what it is.

Is the X10 just going to be night and day better than say the Oly XZ1 ? That camera has a 28-112mm equiv zoom and its f1.8 to f2.5.

Technically the X10 has a "slightly" bigger sensor but the two cameras IQ is going to be more similar than different.

X10 for me at least has the edge is design and ergonomics though. I had a XZ1, didn't care for how it worked in hand. Good images though.

What do you expect ?

That if you shot the two side by side people would think the X10 was actually shot be a Pentax K5 it was so clean ?

No, they are going to be pretty hard to tell apart

What exactly are you arguing ?

That the X10 is a good camera ? Agreed

That I should get one ? ALready ordered

Humboldt Jim wrote:

You may define categories any way that you think proves your point. However, you are wrong with regard to relative sensor sizes. Any way you compare 2/3 to 1.1/7, 2/3 is not "only about 10% larger."

A 2/3 sensor compared to a 1/1.7 has 34% more area and a 15.7% longer diagonal. Each of these measurements apply to different photographic attributes.

Add a lens that is 2 to 3x faster than many typical P & S compacts and you have low light capability that goes well beyond even your trivialized differences in sensor size.


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