Do some people not realize the X10 is a point and shoot ??

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I suppose small sensor compact would be more correct, you are right

I use the term p&s, not in its operation, though it certainly will largely be used for more casual quick shooting overall I'd say, though thats neither here nor there.

You are right the correct term is probably small sensor compact, though I think largely when one says p&s most know the type of camera, and more so, the type of performance to expect.

Even if a FF dslr has a green box mode, full auto mode or whatever the given brand calls it, most wouldn't call it a p&s, and certainly not refer to its output as looking like a p&s

Rather in my mind, a P&S look is deep DoF, limited DR, noiser etc than what we see from larger sensors.

In some ways it could be said "inferior" and if we are talking about trying to make fine art large landscape prints, no, it wouldn't be an ideal tool, but its also not the size/cost etc of a larger camera.

Its a trade off, as are most things in photography, or even life

Back to the point though, the X10, be it a p&s or small sensor compact, is what it is.

Its a stylish, funcuntional, perhaps slight step up from a LX5, G12 etc and thats it.

Reason enough to buy one in my book, and I did so already, but just as no one is taking their G12 and comparing it to their 7D, people shouldn't expect more from the X10 either.

Just kinda crazy and silly to take a "small sensor compact" and pixel peep over resolution, noise etc.

If you care about those things to that extend, go for a NEX5n etc. Tons of great choices if IQ is that important.

If you want a small fun camera for just $599 that will take perfectly good photos for the web, Facebook, to carry in your jacket on trips etc, I think its the best choice going

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