Do some people not realize the X10 is a point and shoot ??

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Price doesn't mean much when it comes to cameras

Does anyone pick a camera just on price though ?

Would someone equally consider a D3100 or a GF2, to use examples you gave, and pick one or the other based on price ? If one went on sale $20 cheaper it would be a no brainer which they'd buy ?

Of course not, price is a limitation, and precludes many choices, but as with most products, it narrows the field some but its a minor variable.

If you had $30k to spend on a new car would you equally consider a full size pickup truck a 4 door sedan and a 2 seat sports car ??

All cost the same, but would someone wanting a huge truck find equal use out of a 2 seat sports car ?

Would someone wanting a compact car for good milage really be happy with a 14mpg full size Ford pickup ?

Of course not, just as someone who's reason for looking a compact camera ins't going to find a large DSLR a good choice for them even if it does cost the same.

If I want a pocket camera, I want a pocket camera. Doesn't matter if the big DSLR is cheaper, takes better photos etc. I want something small

caissam wrote:

Its a cam which is sold for the same price of a dslr 1000D, Nikon D3100, Sony NEX 5 or GF2 , PL1 or PEN p2.
So it is their competition and could be compared if U want decide between them.

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