Do some people not realize the X10 is a point and shoot ??

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Mine you I'm not suggesting P&S are bad either, I even love my iPhone camera

Mine you with this post that I'm not trying to say point and shoots are bad either, but simply that they are what they are. Used within the realms of what they can and can't do, they can be fantastic tools and many times a better choice than other cameras with far superior specs.

I actually even love my iPhone. In fact, I probably have taken more pictures with it than any camera I've owned (short of my work DSLR) Doesn't produce technically great pictures, but it works great for the type of shots I use it for, and taking photos to share with friends, post to the web etc.

I got to handle the X10 briefly and didn't have my own SD so didn't get to shoot my own images, but from just the handling, its really nice and should just be a really fun camera to toss in my carry on bag, jacket pocket etc.

I'll hopefully have mine soon, but I'm certainly not going to pull out the D3 and shoot them both at ISO3200, just as I've never once bothered to shoot newspapers on the wall with my iPhone.

I haven't a clue if my iPhone camera has soft corners because I don't use it in a way where that would matter, just as with my X10, I'm not going to use it in that respect but just like with the iPhone, I know its a point and shoot camera.

I'm a bigger fan of ergonomics and handling than IQ overall as well, so for me, I'm thinking the X10 is going to be the best p&s I've owned in fact.

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