Do some people not realize the X10 is a point and shoot ??

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It's no more a 'P&S' than any DSLR is a also 'P&S'...

millsart wrote:

I've really confused by some of the threads and comments I've been seeing regradig the X10.

Do some people not realize this is a point and shoot camera...

I think you (and many others) misuse the term "point and shoot".

The very words/definition refer to a camera designed for ' simple operation ' so that people can simply 'point it' and 'shoot it'.

In that respect the X10, and similar cameras, are no more/no less 'point and shoot' than most DSLRs etc.

Virtually all DSLRs can be used as 'point and shoot' (in full 'Auto' modes) - and I've no doubt many consumers use them that way too.

Similarly, many cameras like the X10 also have full 'Manual' and all the other non-advanced control modes, like PASM etc, that DSLRs have too.

In some ways the X10 is even more complex than most DSLRs with all the extra (confusing to many) 'EXR' modes on top of the usual 'PASM' etc.

All these complaints about noise levels, lack of resolution etc. Its a small sensor point and shoot, what do people expect ??

Its "bigger" 2/3 sensor is really only about 10% or so bigger than than of the LX5, G12 and all the other premium compact.

Its actually about +20% bigger linearly, or +40% by area.

Thats not going to make a huge difference in performance, nor DoF. Its still a small sensor and isn't going to come close to even APS-C, nor should anyone expect it to.

That's not entirely true.

Theoretically, the faster lens of the X10 versus a slower kit-lens of a m4/3 or APS-C cameras - this makes them all about equal in most respects.

The big difference only comes if you buy better/costlier lenses for the larger sensor interchangeable lens cameras.

All this camera is is a very cool retro styled point and shoot with some really nice ergonomic direct controls, good (for a p&s) image quality, and a pretty nice fast zoom and an OVF thats usable, but nothing better than sticking an external finder on a LX5 or other cameras, aside from that it zooms, which is cool.

Thats is, its not going to replace a Leica, or be a poor man's Leica, or even a poor man X100 or any other camera.

Whilst the image quality may not be as good - many would say the 4x zoom of the X10 makes the X10 far better overall - it just depends on what one's priorities/requirements are.

All its going to be is a fun little point and shoot that handles really well and can take pictures that are good for a point and shoot.

I think you are now just sounding denigrating, and patronising.

The camera can be, and is a lot more than just "...a fun little point and shoot.." .

It's a great 'compact - all rounder'.

Not going to a low light machine, not going to be a pro wedding shooters camera, not going to produce fine art 20X30" prints etc.

Its going to do the same roles you'd carry a G12, LX5, P7000 etc for, but with a bit more style and a nice interface.

I'd agree with that - although the "...more style..." is a subjective thing - I'm sure that there are some people for whom the X10 is just plain ugly and boring looking to them.

I think its awesome for what it is, I handled one, loved it and have mine on order, but lets just have some sense of perspective here folks.

Remember, its just a point and shoot, treat it like one and you'll be happy.

Not any more so, nor any less so, than any DSLR, etc are also a 'point and shoot'.

It just depends how you use them.

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