The G3 and GH2 are not an RF substitute

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The G3 and GH2 are not an RF substitute

I am sorry to create a new thread to add to the sturm und drang surrounding the rumored GX1. But I'm tired of reading the same old rejoinder to those, like me, who want an RF-style, truly portable, µ4/3 camera: "Why don't you just get a G3/GH2?"


See the way the EV sticks out in the back? Have you ever tried to slide a camera with that unnecessary protrusion in and out of a small camera bag or coat pocket?

For the record, I own a GH2, and it's a perfectly good camera. If Panasonic were to move that excellent EV over into the upper left-hand corner of the body, and lose the protrusion in the rear (and front), they could sell me, and I daresay a lot of other people, a second body.

But the G3 has that same flaw, not to mention fewer external controls, and a style that can only be called uninspired. That is why the G3 and GH2 are not a substitute for what we're after.

So can we stop offering them as alternatives? Please?

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