Are we forgetting that people want SMALL mirrorless cameras?

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Are we forgetting that people want SMALL mirrorless cameras?

I have never seen anything that said the G2, G3, GH1 or GH2 were top sellers.

While I love most of those cameras, they just don't sell as well as the smaller less-featured (cheaper?) cameras like the E-PL1 or GF3.

And have people noticed that THE lens to have for m43 cameras is the 20mm F/1.7 pancake? It is not the cheapest lens, but it very SMALL and very good quality.

The point is most people feel that if a camera hits a certain size, they just might as well get a DSLR with better/cheaper lens options.
Most people buying mirrorless cameras are looking for:

  • a good camera to supplement their DSLR

  • a small P&S sized camera to upgrade to from their current P&S

  • or a smaller/lighter camera to replace their DSLR.

This is why I think the GX1 looks to be a good idea...along with the GF3 and PEN mini. While I love my GH2, I don't think it is what most people are looking for.

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