Why no Full Frame Digital Body like Compact Film Cameras.

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A couple of major reasons

There are a few reasons why you don't see digital FF cameras like the ones you posted.

1) FF sensors are still quite expensive. While not a technology barrier it is a cost barrier that ties directly to #2

2) Those FF lenses on the cameras you posted are really not 35mm-FF focal lengths.

Put it this way, think how hard it was for Leica to make the M9 (prior to that they said it was impossible to have a FF in a Leica body). The use of micro lenses overcame that obstacle. Think what the Sony NEX system looks like and the size of those lenses, they are so much bigger than the old 35mm cameras you are proposing. The reason is, the technology isn't quite prime-time for a "compact" lens to be fitted to a FF 35mm camera yet without major modifications to micro lenses. Well, the technology is here, it is just to expensive at the moment.

Give it time. As you can see we are already starting to see smaller and smaller 35mm camera designs. It is just filling up that whole sensor with light is the main issue.

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