Is Adorama Nikon biased?

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Re: Is Adorama Nikon biased?

I think that he stressed some things that aren't really relevant and ignored other things that would have been much more relevant. He was also somewhat unclear the way that he jumped around... it didn't seem to be scripted very well.

He was talking about how fast they were (see... click click click vs. click... click... click) and mentioned how f/2.8 lenses help with faster autofocus... as if a slower lens would result in a slower drive speed (in AI Servo the speed of the focusing has nothing to do with the fps of the camera... a lens that is slow to focus and can't keep up might miss focus on a fast moving subject, but it won't slow down the frame rate). He also talked about how getting a faster card was critical to clear out the buffer, but he completely ignored the difference in buffer size between cameras. The buffer size is MUCH more relevant than card speed when talking about how many shots you can take before the buffer fills.

Another thing that he said that makes it seem like he's missed the bus is something to the effect of "F/2.8 and faster lenses help the camera to focus faster, that's why they're more expensive." Uh, no. They are more expensive because they cost more to make... and not all lenses that are faster than f/2.8 focus faster than others (for example, my 50/1.4 is not a fast focusing lens). In other words, he brought up the benefit to focusing that comes with lenses with max aperture larger than f/2.8, but then he glossed over it in a way that didn't make sense/wasn't accurate.

To me it seemed like he was talking off the top of his head a lot in the video, and he could have benefitted from practicing with a better thought out script that covered the most relevant points more thoroughly/accurately.

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