14-42X samples and thoughts - huge number of shots/crops

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14-42X samples and thoughts - huge number of shots/crops

I went out this afternoon to shoot with the new lens on the G3. My thoughts are mixed.

I like the size of the lens. It will take getting used to the power zoom and I'm not sure I love it. Very personal and subjective but it felt a bit awkward to try and make changes to the focal length with the screen out and the camera at an odd angle.

For me personally, the zoom range is a bit too short. I wish it really was more like a 24-105 type zoom range.

The biggest worry is that I'm not quite sure I'm thrilled with the sharpness so I really need to do more work.

These samples are NOT meant to display anything artistic. I was really trying to test how the lens rendered(color, out of focus areas, vignetting). Yes wide open the lens did vignette and needed some correction in LR. All shot were from RAW files

You can see the vignetting here

I didn't think any of these were particularly sharp when viewed at 100%. I'm saying that in comparison to other m4/3 stuff I've viewed at 100% with other lenses. But I am going to go back and reshoot more controlled with more than lens


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