dpreview at Photo Plus Expo this week - any questions?

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Re: dpreview at Photo Plus Expo this week - any questions?

VeijoM wrote:

Barney Britton wrote:

Hello there! Barney here, just letting you know that dpreview is going to be at the Photo Plus Expo show in New York later this week, and as usual we'll be taking a camera, plenty of notepaper and (for the first time) a video camera with some fancy lapel microphones...

So - is there anything you'd like us to ask Samsung? Our week is jam-packed with meetings and interviews so let us know what you want to know.

Reply to this thread with your thoughts, and remember: there's no such thing as a stupid question (I know this isn't true, you know this isn't true, but you know what I mean. Let's keep the questions sensible and relevant, but recommendations for good coffee/takeout places would be appreciated too!)

Thanks everyone, have a great week.

Barney B
Technical Writer

Okay, any hope you got an interview to publish? Seems you didn't publish many interviews, are there some coming afterwards?

No surprise to me if Samsung will be among the last ones to be asked, interviewed and published by Dpreview. I wouldn't stretch it so far as to call it bias against Samsung but they've for most of the time been far down on Dpreview-staff's inofficial list of favorites. The EX1 wasn't allowed to have a decent test but one with a bad lens-sample and not re-done with a second, proper unit. But it still looks like the EX1 is the one in its group with best Image quality unless the Fuji X10 can better that. I would not call the EX1 or any other competitor the best of them because no such exist. Them all have their different strengths and weaknesses.

Wonder if we ever is going to see a test of the NX100 here? - Guess not... but still many tests of the seemingly endless stream of small updates of the m4/3

Ricoh and Pentax are also among these which probably will be among the last ones to be asked. I don't know if Kodak even are present at PhotoExpo this year but Barney Britton didn't ask in any of the Kodak-sections. Well, maybe there is not a lot of interest as the management of Kodak (If I've got it right from the sometimes talk in Kodak-sections) seems slowly to have ruined a company with great engineers.

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