Olympus E-PL1 2 lens kit at Costco online

Started Oct 29, 2011 | Discussions thread
Todd3608 Contributing Member • Posts: 784
Re: If you have any legacy glass....

Thanks. I purchased the E-PL1 kit from Costco. Too good to pass up...

tedolf wrote:

Todd3608 wrote:

Yes - you can get the E-PL2 from B&H with 2 lenses and also get a viewfinder and all the improvements in the E-PL2 (screen, shutter speed, etc) for around 668.00. When you add tax and a viewfinder to the Costco bundle, the B&H deal seems better.

KrisPix wrote:

Yes, it is tempting, the better looking E-PL2 is sort of holding me back!!!
The E-P3 is too expensive for me right now !!!

run, don't walk to Costco. The E-pl1 is perfect for legacy glass. lot's of "control dials" on the lenses.


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