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Re: NEX7 is not the competition for the GX1

Funny because the GH2 is soft in the same way. If you are in Aperture Priority the control wheel does aperture, shutter priority it does shutter. Meaning it changes when what you are doing changes.

This thread is going to close and you may not be able to answer but I am confused by what you consider all of the soft controls of the NEX7. Seems like you haven't used the Sony's so have really no basis for making these comments. The Sony isn't much different than any other camera. Once you decide what the button does and set it, it is no longer a soft control. Before continuing to criticize it, you may want to spend some time to understand the interface and how it works.

tgutgu wrote:

TEBnewyork wrote:

Not sure what specs and pictures you are looking at but from everyone having used the control layout the news has been excellent on control layout with the tri-navi AE/AF lock, etc. Go have a look at a picture of the back.

Yes, there is a switch, where you first have to choose, if you want to use the center button as AE-Lock or as AF/MF - great usability (irony).

I don't trust this self-proclaimed early "(p)reviewers". I can't imagine that the soft control layout of the NEX-7 is really better than the dedicated control layout of a GH2 or GX1. You don't need to design everything as configurable. You have to find the right mix.

The reason for Sony to do everything soft controlled is of course their unreflected miniaturization dogma. There is simply not enough space for dedicated controls.

Well, since I haven't had a NEX-7 in my hand yet, I am prepared to revise my judgement, but I don't think that it would change my commitment to m4/3.

You need to read about m4/3 one year into the system and have a look at what was available for the cameras.

one year into m4/3 Panansonic 14-45, 45-200, 14-140 (took more than a year to get the 20mm) Oly 14-42, 17

So, I would hardly call m4/3 full system at the start.

tgutgu wrote:

Not sure, what the hype of the NEX-7 and why we should care about.

  • It has 24 mpx, which many do not want because it is overkill.

  • It has a bad control layout, not much better than that of the GF3: no dedicated controls.

  • It has a poor lens line-up, where nobody knows yet, if the existing E-mount lenses can really cope with the resolution. Full frame cameras with 24 mpx have already shown that you need really high quality optics inorder to enjoy the benefits of the higher resolution. Additionally high res sensors are much less tolerable to lens faults and camera shake, i.e. you have to work more precise. Does not seem to fit to a body type like the NEX-7.

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