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Re: Printing from Nikon ViewNX2

mike_ski wrote:

Hi everyone. I'm relatively new to DPReview and working with RAW. I'm capturing images in NEF format with a Nikon D7000. I noticed today that when I print directly from the NEF file, I get the original image, not the one I've added adjustments to. I also noticed that once I've Saved the adjustments, then I perform a Convert File on the result, the file I've saved (JPEG or TIFF) is of the original NEF image, not the newly adjusted version.

After the adjustments, do you save the file (File> Save)?

When you "covert" the file to JPEG or TIFF do you "save as" (File> save as...)?

If you do these steps it should work otherwise there is something wrong.

If you open a NEF edited in Photoshop or Lightroom it will not show the edits as only Capture NX2 (or ViewNX) can read them. If you want to open an edited file in an Adobe application got to File> open with and select the desired application the image is then opened as a Tiff in target software.

I've been unable to discover how to correct this so that I can work with the adjusted NEF file (if that's possible with this software). I'm hoping that some of you can point out my user errors to me.

Thank you in advance.

Mike H.

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