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Re: What do we know about the processing here though ??

"Does the review say what processing has been done to these files ? What jpeg settings were used etc ?"

I see out of camera files all the time so of course I, like many people, am able to judge the camera's image quality on that basis alone. Most any image file can be worked over in Photoshop or Lightroom, however, only a very good out of camera image file is going to hold up well and look even better once processed.

It is what it is, and to me, it looks very competitive, maybe edging out G12 and others. My reality is, as much as I wish the images from these kind of cameras were sufficient to satisfy me more than just once in a while, it is not yet possible given its limitations. Still like it very much though and could have one in my hands very shortly. Maybe the challenge will make me a better photographer.

millsart wrote:

Does the review say what processing has been done to these files ? What jpeg settings were used etc ?

I've had a G12, LX5, P7000 as well and you simply can't judge them on out of camera JPEGs.

How do you know how much extra detail can be gained from RAW processing or tweaking the JPEG settings ??

Joe Mannex wrote:

I totally agree on the lack of sharpness. There are some very nice pictures taken but the camera, even at IS100, lacks clarity. I say this while thinking of the G12, P7000, LX5 and TL500(still own this gem) all of which I owned! Particularly the G12 the Nikon have sharper output.

ISO 800 looks really good for this size sensor but add any noise reduction and what detail is left will likely be smeared and best not viewed closely.

Disappointing IQ from a camera I am wanting to buy, or have been.

I owned the S5 Pro and that was the first time I ever had such a great way to capture the dynamic range so well. Great feature. Sadly, 6mp ain't a lot to work with afterward. Am I wrong?

AV Janus wrote:

Definitely not sharp like a true 12MP camera would be. It is sad they have to advertise it as 12Mp. To bad people need to hear that spec to consider it!... :-/
Rick Halle wrote:

" Keep in mind that tall buildings sway back and forth so they require faster shutter speeds."

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