Why did I get last place?

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Re: Why did I get last place?

The subject (in this case flower) needs to be more isolated from the background - the background is simply too messy and distracting imho - I don't mean this in a mean way, but purely as honest advice. The flower petals appear to be over saturated too, I presume you're shooting with a Canon camera - Canon's sensors have long over saturated Reds/Pinks imho. I also agree with getting the entire flower in the shot, or having a very strong compositional reason to only include a part of the flower.

It also has one more issue that I see - it's slightly oof (out of focus). Now, this could have been due to camera shake, or perhaps wind, or simply misfocus. It's hard to tell, but I'd go with misfocus.

With macro - the closer you get to your subject, the shallower the depth of field will be. Try shooting the same subject again, from a bit further away with a medium telephoto (say, 200mm), with the entire flower in the frame. Choose something like f4 or f2.8 to isolate the background. Use a tripod, shutter release, and if the camera offers it, mirror lockup. Make sure you're focusing accurately - if your camera has live view and you can zoom in whilst using it, do so and check focus. Try and be parallel to the flower too, so the entire flower is in the zone of focus. By shooting at f2.8 or f4, you should be able to shoot at a reasonable ISO (say, 400) and keep noise to a minimum, and also shoot with a reasonable shutter speed to help with wind blur. I'd probably avoid shooting in the middle of the day as the light is harsh. Try later on in the afternoon when the lighting is softer and warmer.

Hope this helps.


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