50mm 1.8g lens too tight in small spaces on DX camera.

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Re: 50mm 1.8g lens too tight in small spaces on DX camera.

A head shot with a 35mm and a head shot with a 50mm are taken at different distances. If you fill the frame with a face using a 35mm and do the same with the 50mm you will be closer with the 35mm and the perspective will show that proximity.

correct. however, what you said was:

One warning though, it will still have the same perspective as a 35mm on an FX camera and some of your models may not like the big nose look.

that's not correct, even if you are thinking about it backwards (and determining distance based on framing). you've mixed up focal length here... but the crop factor affects the framing. if i shoot two headshots, one on FX and one on DX, framed the same, with a 35mm lens, they will be at two different distances. and thus, have two different perspectives. the DX photographer will be standing 1.5x further away from the model as the FX photographer.

if i were to frame a headshot the same way on FX and DX, with the same subject distance and thus the same perspective , the focal length on the FX camera would be 1.5x as long as the one on the DX camera. the fact that focal length has nothing to do with perspective is the reason the crop factor works.

however, none of this is actually relevant to the OP , who is looking for a wider lens because he cannot achieve the desired framing with the working subject distance he's given . he has to be close to the model, ergo, that perspective is going to happen, period. he just needs a wider FOV.

if you'd like to think about this backwards, imagine a headshot at 50mm on FX.

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