Maybe getting a 60D, but what accessories?

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Maybe getting a 60D, but what accessories?


About a year ago I was asking what new lens to get for my old 300D - but soon after that some pins in the card slot broke and I was told it would cost more to fix than the camera was worth.

I may be a lucky girl and my husband may be getting me a 60D body next moth for my birthday. In the past I was thinking T3i and also had thought about the 7D but I think the 60D may suit my needs and budget (although I just want to confirm and hold one in a store - my hands are small and I have a bit more arthritis than Id like already)

I mainly take pictures of my cats (yes I know ive how some people feel about cat pictures Ive seen a few threads) Many of them indoors. I like to get shots of both of them together playing, and nice close ups of their faces and eyes etc,

I also usually take a camera out to family events, birthday dinners, holidays and sometimes scenes or landscapes if I am out and have the camera and something strikes my eyes.

I take pictures purly for fun self learning enjoyment and viewing pleasure, have read understaqnding exposure numerous times and plan to reread. I try to learn and shoot less in auto and more in semi auto and have been trying to work in manually also lately, practice practice (I havent ventured into much PP yet because Im trying baby steps - get to know how to use the camera and get the shot then once im more comfortable that i know what I am doing start some PP but it seems overwelming (I have LR3)

Wow I babble

Anyway thinking that maybe Ill be able to save some funds and get a new lens and flash to go with the 60D. I can't dont want to spend too much but I want to get something worth while

I have now

50 mm f1.8
Tamron IF 28-300 f3.5-6.5
speedlite 270ex

I really like the nifty 50, havent used the tamron in over 2 years though.

Have heard suggestions in the past of the
85 f/1.8
28 f/1.8
17-55 f/2.8 IS

I would like to stay under $1,000 and closer to $500 would be better but am open to consider a new lens that I could do the most with - but possibly what I want one lens cant do - i love the primes but a zoom would be nice cause sometimes I dont want to move but the cats did, but sometimes they are too close and I can't focus on their eye so closer focusing distance is also nice....

Also how important or how much of a difference does IS make?

In regards to a new flash, the one i have is not bad but its slow and I miss shots bc it would take to long to be ready again.

what about the 430II EX Speedlite? What about the 320 is that more for video though it eluded too in what I read?

Thank you if you made it through this post, any suggestions recommendations and experiences most welcome

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