Will we ever see a Nikon FF the size of a D3100?

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Re: No, full-frame is going upmarket

The problem is that full-frame sensors cost a lot more than APS-C ones. All things considered, Nikon would rather sell you a $2k APS-C camera than a $2k FF one.

The sensor cost is an insignificant part of the final price. The reason full frame cameras cost more is simply that they are more valuable to their buyers, so the manufacturer can charge more.

Now that APS-C sensors are fairly good, there's little competitive pressure for Nikon or Canon to push full-frame down-market, and so they'll continue to keep FF sensors for the large oversized cameras.

Indeed, all indications are that Canon and Nikon intend to push prices up further, which means larger, heavier cameras.

1D Mk X, 1Ds Mk III, 1Ds Mk II and 1Ds Mk I are all approximately of the same size and weight, in fact in the 1Ds series each new model has been slightly lighter.

What's more the 1D X is less expensive than their predecessors.

I don't see an increasing size or weight trend.

A pity really. Full-frame cameras still have by far the best lens selection options.

And always will. Nikon has been introducing and impressive array of expensive fast primes for FX.

An 18MP FF camera in a package the size of a D7000 for $2k would be the dream camera for many amateurs. Unparalleled lens options, large bright OVF, excellent ISO 3200...

You can get a 5D Mk II or Sony A900 which are only slightly bigger than the D7000. The difference in size and weight is a necessary consequence of the larger shutter, mirror and prism needed, as well as the requirement for some degree of robustness in a higher-end camera. The D7000 is cramped and difficult to use because of its small size and positioning of the AF-ON activator (which competes with my eyeglasses for space). No such problem on D700.

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