C/S/M Switch

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C/S/M Switch

I have seen so many past threads about the C/S/M switch and the apparent ease with which it can be accidentally tripped; all of which I have dismissed as an excuse for other people's carelessness.

I have just spent 30 minutes of panic trying to figure out why my D700 would not AF on either AF-On or Release Button.

Changed lenses, checked A/M switch, changed shooting menus, wracked my brains to figure out what I might have changed yesterday which I forgot to revert, and more besides.

Never thought to check the b*&#$y C/S/M, and only discovered by accident, at the point of giving up, that it was switched to M instead of C.

Absolutely no idea how it happened. It's not as if I even pushed it back into a bag or anything.

So I hang my head in shame at all my past raised eyebrows aimed at those who have mentioned this in the past

At least next time I will only panic for 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes!!

p.s. To all those who have expressed a wish for the ergonomics of that switch to be changed in future models.............You have my vote!

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