Portrait taken with Tarmon 17-50mm

Started Oct 27, 2011 | Discussions thread
OP 7t7workshop New Member • Posts: 9
Re: i also have a tammy 17-50/2.8 + K5 but no FF/BF problem...

Thank for helping:>

Have try all the adjustment but can't solve the problem, the camera is good, as I have try to put different lens and no FF/BF problem, so, I guess it is the Tamron Lens.

I heard many people said that a lot of tamron 17-50 have FF problem, as for me, this is my 2nd copy, the 1st copy have bad FF problem, but this copy is funny, sometime good, sometime FF, sometime BF, in the other forum, ppl said it is normal, as if I turn the FF on 17mm, on the 50mm end is BF etc...

Anyway, I'll send it back to service, as the greatest thing for this len is it have 5 years warranty:>

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