Steve Huff 'prefers Fuji colors over NEX-7, NO CONTEST'

Started Oct 26, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: shoot raw

Blech . When I first started read Steve huff's forum I though he was a really smart mad scientist of photography, now I feel he's monty pythons long lost brother of the boxer Ken Clean air system . The dude is all over the map week to week saying one week the Nex7 is better than sex and white bread rolled together and then a week later taking a totally contrary position? I some time wish Steve's postings/positions were a little more though threw and a little less stream of conscience . Honestly in the space of a month I've gone from reading his forum daily thinking its brilliant to being very confused and wondering is this poor man bipolar ? Personal even if I like fuji x100 jpeg color platelet, NEx7 with it interchangeable lens , real viewfinder, hot shoe, higher quality Sony sensor etc....make the nex7 more efficient flexible camera than the fix lens x100. And the majority of the color issues could be fixed in post processing. If I got a real gripe with Steve beside his contrary nature is he falls in love with these narrow use photo tools like x100 or the slr magic trick lenses and for most of us we don't have unlimited cash for are photo hobbies need more flexible tools.

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