LX5 to S100 - First Impressions

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LX5 to S100 - First Impressions

Just grabbed the last S100 from a local Best Buy. It was actually out of the box and in the hands of another gentleman, but he was on the fence. He graciously let me buy it.

In short... the S100 is everything I've realistically wanted in a P&S camera.

I used to have an S90 and switched to an LX5 to try something different. There are many things about the LX5 that are fantastic. The fast and smooth operating lens, the ergonomics, and RAW image quality are on the top of the list for me. BUT the muddy JPEGs, the dangly lens cap, and biggish size really bugged me. I was able to fix the lens cap issue with the JJC cap.

For me, the S100 fixes those issues and more. Here's a list of positives and negatives I've noticed so far.

+ JPEGS - Better color and skin tones
+ Noise control - Wow! It's good!
+ Size & Weight - It's perfectly pocketable

+ GPS - Got an Eye-Fi for geotagging, only to learn it that it needs WIFI. Fixed now.
+ Canon's menus - Not a fan of the LX5 menus
+ Movie Rec button - Loved this on the LX5
+ Eye-Fi transmit On/Off - Nice!
+ Wider zoom range
+ 9.6FPS HQ JPEGS - WOW! That's faster than a 7D!
+ Built in ND Filter
+ Zoom and Focus while recording video
+ No vertical light beams in videos from bright lights - Hated this on the LX5
+ My Menu - Would like more choices, though


  • Battery life. With the LX5, I could shoot all day. S100... maybe 1/2 as much

  • Moving the FlexiZone focus point is a pain. MUCH better on the LX5

Below are test shots I took with the LX5 and S100. It's not scientific. I screwed up the exposure. I'm just posting this to show the JPEG quality between the two. I'm still messing with RAW.

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