Beloved D50

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Beloved D50

I started photography with the D50 when it first came out. I loved it.

My enthusiasm led to some wedding photography and lots of sports. I upgraded to a D300 and spent many hours studying books and had great luck with it.

I'm now an empty nester and, having lost my favorite subjects I rarely shoot,

It dawned on me that I shoot mostly like a tourist. With that in mind I've returned to the D50. Even with all of the advancements it is still a great camera. Having just 6 mp has some nice advantages. Cheaper glass doesn't look as bad at 6mp. I've read that is more forgiving of user error from lapses in technique. (Would please explain this?)

6mp also writes smaller files which helps my older 3GB Ram computer.
I actually use the idiot modes sometimes. They are quick and easy.

6mp let's me go to f/22. That is nice for some nature shots.

The 1/500 flash synch is nice and with a Vivitar flash you can use shutter speeds as fast
as you like which works great for night football.

Because the rear LCD is small without enough resolution to check focus chimping
Is mostly for looking for Looking for blinkies.

I have been enjoying the D50 again. It has put more fun into photography.

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