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Re: The point is I can design an equivalent with higher quality

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Le Kilt wrote:

Now that is what I don't understand you saying, focus bracketing (not for Lytro) is just some extra programming, no hardware modifications needed. I have programmed on systems that require tricky algorithms, and this would not be complicated.

It HAS already been implemented successfully in some bridge cameras, and could be in DSLRs if there was the demand. Apparently there isn't for the moment.

It can be implemented of course. But, generally a DSLR camera has no info regarding the lens it uses and it does not know the focussing setting. This can be fixed, of course, by adding extra information from the lens. And maybe modern lenses have it, but old absolutely does not have it. E.g. the Pentax screw drive for focussing is just a rotating thing. No feedback at all regarding focussing setting.

Whatever, if you don't want it to work, it won't.

And there is always the problem of the user interface. Its partly the same thing as exposure bracketing, but somewhat more complex. Yes - you can have three settings, min, medium and max. But what do they mean? For exposure its easy - just measure it in stops. But for focussing / is min, medium and max enough? Do you understand what to choose? And is it useful? Maybe you will always get one focussing that is nearly good and two that are really bad. Thats not any help.

Try using a camera that has it, you will understand.

As for using it for a Lytro type system, as you surmised, the first major problem to overcome would be the speed, and I do agree that that is not trivial.

OK - there do exist cameras - from casio and/or fuji I think - where you can do 1000 FPS ... but then the resolution is VGA., the same as Lytro.

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