Why do some of us still keep and maintain our ole' E-1's?

Started Oct 27, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Ben Herrmann
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Why do some of us still keep and maintain our ole' E-1's?

Well, that's not difficult to fathom at all. I've greatly cut back on my "once" vast camera collection (now I'm only down to 12 or so....sigh, I know...I'm still a sickie).

But within all of that transition - from camera to camera - from new high-tech gadget to even the newer ones, there is one camera that I've maintained and I've learned to trust. And that baby is the ole' E-1 - it just keeps on tickin'. Yes, it's an aged instrument to be sure, but ohhhhh those colors and images.

To be honest, I haven't touched my E-1 in what seems like ages. Two years ago I paired up my E-1 with the absolutely awesome Panny/Leica 14-150 OIS zoom lens and that's where it stayed. The combination of these two items actually makes E-1 images look as though they are 8 - 10 MP images...and still retain that gorgeous color tonality and sometimes 3D look!

I've not posted much anymore. As you know, since 2002 I've been a somewhat prolific poster, but over the past year or so I've all but dropped off - but I do still passively look at the forums. I rarely post anymore because of the constant bickering. But I must say whenever I pick up and use the E-1 (especially with the Panny/Leica 14-150 OIS - well, at least my copy), I want to shout out loud about this extraordinary classic.

This past 3-day weekend, my sister came down from Philadelphia and we took her to the Yadkin Valley area of North Carolina, which is "wine country." Of the 106 wineries in NC (and 5 new ones are on line every 3 months), a huge number of them reside in this fertile Yadkin Valley region. In fact, the Yadkin Valley is now being referred to as the "Napa Valley of the East Coast." If you've never investigated the various wineries in your State (or country), you should make every effort to do so as it winds up being a blast - both in wine tasting and for the photographic opportunities available at those locals.

Anyway, I was debating which camera(s) to bring. But then I noticed my E-1 just sitting there....almost whining for me to take it...and I did.

The next posting has some sample images - all resized to 975 x 748 (at a 90% quality setting). These 5 MP images actually look like they came from a higher MP camera. Perhaps it was due to the awesome Panny/Leica lens - who knows - but I do know having the addition of OIS makes using this camera even the more worthwhile.

Outdoor shots were taken at ISO 100 while indoor shots were taken at ISO 400 through 800 (OIS really helped here). On some higher ISO shots I had to do some noise reduction (what do you expect from an almost 8 year old camera!).

Images in the next posting......enjoy.

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