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Re: No thanks, Samy.

sensibill wrote:

I wouldn't buy from Samy's if you paid me. Seriously, if just a tenth of the horror stories on here are true... Yikes.

The Internet can be both a blessing and a curse to each, the seller and buyer. There are many people who get on forums and rant and carry on about things that are caused by them and not dealers or manufactures. It makes it hard to know who is telling the truth sometimes and unfortunately innocent people or business/companies get scalded. As consumers we must not remain silent, but we must always be straightforward and honest when there is a problem. I approached my problem with this purchase exactly that way. I never became nasty with Samy's or unreasonable, but I did stick to my guns and expected to be treated fairly. If there was any doubt of that in the future I kept all my incoming and outgoing emails and have pictures to document the exact shape the camera was in that I received the first time. Whether or not I do business with Samy's again is entirely a personal choice on my part and whether you do or not is totally your decision. The way camera and photo equipment stores are drying up in my area I surely don't want to see any more stores go belly up, but I also expect a certain amount customer care and fare play also. I won't go out of my way to slam Samy's, but if I'm ask I will share my experience and that's all I should do. I just love my new TL500 and think it one of the best camera purchases I have made in a long time. I just hope both of my TL500's hold up for sometime to come. JohnW

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