K5 or Lumix FZ30 to Italy?

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Why do we take photos?

I'm not being sarcastic - it's a serious question. There are obviously lots of different answers but I think we can classify them into two groups:

A. Records. Anything when we just want to have a record of a moment - people we see in the street, buildings we like the look of, family groups, flowers, etc etc ...

B. Fine images. Anything where we are concerned with artistic merit.

We can also classify by image quality: shots where IQ doesn't matter too much as long as we catch the moment; shots where we really want top quality IQ.

If we consider class A, many people just want to catch the moment and any old camera will do - even a phone-camera. But those of us who have spent money on high-end cameras want decent IQ for class A shots wherever reasonably feasible . In other words, perhaps leave the top-end kit at home for convenience.

For class B shots we really need to use the best kit we have. The point of my headline question is this - if you want to get some artistic shots of your holiday as well as the "we were here" ones, you really need to take your K-5.

Personally, I'd take both cameras - the K-5 for times when you want to get top-quality shots, the Lumix for other times (and as a back up).

I can't see any need for a multi-zoom like the 18-135. If you want top IQ shots take the best glass you have. It's easy to think that you need to have every focal length covered but you don't. Even one standard prime will catch a huge range of shots; and if it has decent IQ the quality of the K-5 turns it into a zoom anyway.

I took this shot with my K-7 and DA35/2.8; the K-5 could do a bit better. It's really a class A shot - I just saw it and took it.

Why show it here? Well, it's a crop from this making it equivalent of a 105mm shot. With the K-5 you could crop a bit more at decent quality to make it equal to the long end of the 18-135.

Take your widest lens too and you really do have all the bases pretty well covered.

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